Monday, June 11, 2012

Animal Science - A New Curriculum Product from CIMC

I want to introduce you to another new product from CIMC:

Animal Science is based on the competencies set by the Division of Agricultural Education at the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Students typically take this course after completing Introduction to Agriscience, also known as Agricultural Education I. This product features a full-color student and teacher edition. The activities and assignments are included along with PowerPoints® and tests in Word® and rich text format for ExamView® conversion on a Teacher Resource CD (AG 8006).

Units include:
•Livestock Safety
•Animal Genetics and Selection
•Nutrition, Feeds and Additives
•Reproductive Anatomy and Fertility
•Breeding Management
•Parturition and Newborn Care
•Livestock Health Fundamentals
•Livestock Diseases and Parasites
•Vaccinations and Medications
•Livestock Management Practices
•Market Grades and Classes
•Livestock Marketing

Animal Science is in the Animal Systems pathway in the Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Cluster. We are offering unit 4, "Reproductive Anatomy and Fertility," as a free sample for you to download. Free Reproductive Anatomy and Fertility sample

In case you didn't know... CIMC develops quality, competency-based instructional products and services for career and technology education. High quality, industry-endorsed curriculum and related instructional materials are essential to quality occupational education programs in Oklahoma and the nation.

Contact CIMC's customer service department at 800.654.4502 for prices and availability!

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  1. I really like how the sample chapter is formatted. It is so important for students to understand the objectives and vocabulary needed to understand the reading. I am impressed by the use of charts, diagrams, and photos to help with understanding. I do believe that this book will help support the learning of any English language learner or student with reading difficulties.


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