Friday, October 31, 2008

National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education

The National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education (NCHSTE) and the CareerTech Testing Center have teamed up to provide an online testing system that provides both pre- and post-testing opportunities and reporting services. The assessment is based on the National Health Care Foundation Skills Standards. Eligible students who successfully pass this online assessment will obtain a Certificate issued by NCHSTE.

NCHSTE is a national partnership of individuals and organizations with a vested interest in health science and technology education. The consortium was organized in 1991 to stimulate creative and innovative leadership for ensuring a well prepared health care workforce.

Below you will find links to documents that you can download and print:
Portfolio content criteria
Portfolio rubric
National Healthcare Foundation Standards and Accountability Criteria

This is an exciting partnership with the CareerTech Testing Center! If you aren't aware of NCHSTE (who they are, what they do, etc.), click on the link in their name and check them out!!!


  1. This is interesting. I used to be bored with this kind of topic but your blog was well written I couldn't help but read all the way thru. Thanks for sharing this with us. More power!

  2. The links on this page about the criteria does not work. I was hoping that they would work so that I could be able to find what I needed for a paper that I have due tomorrow. I needed to look for 3 accountable criteria's for foundation standard and communication standard. However now I'm not sure where else to search on this website. If anyone could help with suggestions, I would really appreciate it.

    1. @MaggieAlicia We apologize for the broken links, but they are now corrected and I hope still of use to you. Our website has gone through a major revision and we are working to identify and correct links that may have been jeopardized. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! J.T.

  3. so after a person receives the certificate what does that do, does it give someone an edge over other applicants for college or what exactly


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