Friday, April 9, 2010

New Medical Assisting Skills Standards and Assessments from the CareerTech Testing Center

I wanted to announce the new Medical Assisting skills standards and assessments being offered by the CareerTech Testing Center. The three products we offer in this series are are:
  • Medical Assisting: Clinical (aligned with AMT Registered Medical Assistant)
  • Medical Assisting: Administrative (aligned with AMT Administrative Specialist)
  • Medical Assisting: Phlebotomy (aligned with AMT Registered Phlebotomy Technician)
I also wanted to let you know that all of these skills standards have been endorsed by the Integris Physicians Services.

Please contact the CareerTech Testing Center at 405.743.5412 to order these new assessments! As always, you can access our skills standards for FREE on our website.


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  2. A medical assistant is essential for doctors and nurses because the doctors and nurses must be able to focus directly on health issues and concerns about their patients. These assistants keep the doctors on time, a medical practice on the track, good workflow and stroke, patients are informed and patients comfortable and safe. Essentially, they keep the clinic together.


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