Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Curriculum from CIMC: Fundamentals of Nursing

I would like to announce another great new curriculum product from CIMC...

This text provides a basic overview of fundamental skills that the practical nursing student needs in order to be successfully employed in today’s healthcare setting. Fundamentals of Nursing is designed to teach the nursing student basic nursing skills and the ability to apply their knowledge to prepare for the NCLEX-PN.

Modules include:
  • Skills for Wound Care
  • Respiratory Care Skills
  • Digestive Care Skills (Upper)
  • Digestive Care Skills (Lower/Bowel Elimination)
  • Basic Nutrition
  • Urinary Care Skills
  • Skills for Applying Heat and Cold
  • Mobility
  • Plan of Care
  • Skills for Admit, Transfer, and Discharging Patients
  • Documentation Skills
  • Assessment Skills
  • Therapeutic Procedures and Surgery
  • Skills for Care of the Dying Patient
  • Skills for Patients Experiencing Grief and Loss
  • Skills for Managing Pain
  • Skills for Geriatric Care
  • Phlebotomy Skills
Practical Nursing Series:
Titles in the Practical Nursing Series include features such as learning objectives, unit key terms, glossary, “for your information” and “tip” features, learning activities and applications, wraparound teacher editions, answers and grading rubrics, suggested activities, online resources, resource bibliographies, and more. Titles are available in full color.

Contact the Customer Service Division at 800.654.4502 to place your order today!

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