Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Legal Office Assistant Assessment and Skills Standards from the CareerTech Testing Center

I wanted to announce the new Legal Office Assistant skills standards and assessment being offered by the CareerTech Testing Center.

We are also very pleased to announce that the skills standards have been aligned with NALS...the Association for Legal Professionals.

The following duty areas comprise the skills standards (take a look at each duty area on the standards for the specific tasks within each duty area):
  • Demonstrate Proper Use of Basic Legal Concepts and Terminology
  • Demonstrate Grammar Usage Skills
  • Demonstrate Appropriate Communication Skills
  • Create Legal Correspondence
  • Create and Format Court and Legal Documents
  • Demonstrate Appropriate Mail Handling Procedures
  • Demonstrate Appropriate Filing Procedures
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Basic Accounting Terms and Procedures
  • Demonstrate Familiarity with Computer Information Systems
  • Demonstrate General Legal Knowledge
  • Demonstrate Knowledge of Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Demonstrate Time Management Skills
Please contact the CareerTech Testing Center at 405.743.5412 to order this new assessment! As always, you can access our skills standards for FREE on our website.

Visit NALS, the association for legal professionals. NALS remains a leader in the legal services industry offering professional development by providing continuing legal education, certifications, information, and training to those choosing the legal services industry as their career. NALS members represent every area of this industry from paralegals and legal assistants to legal administrators and office managers. Because of this diversity and an openness to welcome all members of the industry, NALS offers a broad spectrum of expertise to make the programs offered valuable to all members of the legal services industry. This allows NALS members to learn about other areas of the industry, making career enhancement as well as advancement easily attainable

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