Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snip.ly and SnipSnip.It: Sharing the Best Parts of Webpages and Videos

Here are a couple of sites, Snip.ly and SnipSnip.It that could be useful for the classroom, presentations, websites, or blogs.

Snip.ly is a service for snipping and sharing parts of webpages. When you want to share just a portion of a webpage with someone you can now highlight the text you want and share it via email, Twitter, or Facebook. To do this you can either use the browser extensions offered by Snip.ly or copy a url into Snip.ly. Either way Snip.ly allows you to highlight text on the page and it will generate a new url that features the text you highlighted.

Snip.ly also allows you to comment on the things you snip. This allows an instructor to add additional resources, comments, or questions and if students are snipping, then they can add their own comments or resources as well.

SnipSnip.It is a service for snipping and sharing a small portion of a whole video. Simply copy and paste a YouTube url, choose the start and end point and click “snip”. After snipping your video you can embed the shortened video on a website or blog or share the shortened video with a link.

I think this is a great way to crop videos to share with students either by URL or by embedding the shortened video into a class blog or website. Some videos are just too long, so SnipSnip.It allows you to highlight only the key aspects without spending so much time searching for the key points. In other words, it allows you to get rid of the fluff in any video.

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  1. As a reminder, SnipSnip only works with videos streamed over the web and would not work for digital files on a computer.


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