Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inside Story Flashcards: "The World's Most Interesting Way to Learn Words®"

I have to admit that I've spent too much time on Inside Story Flashcards, but I'm hooked.

Intially, I was skeptical of their claim, “The world’s most interesting way to learn words,” but I found myself looking at word after word.

What makes these vocabulary flashcards so great is the accompanying pictures and the fact that you can click on a speaker icon for audio of the word. Students (or you) can choose words at four different levels of difficulty : Basic, Easy, Medium and Hard. Students can also choose to hide the definition if they are wanting to quiz themselves. They provide online flashcards and free printable flashcards for offline use. (Other flashcard sets are available for purchase.) The only issue I have with the site is that I want a search box so I can search for words instead of having to scroll through the list.

Inside Story Flashcards could be a great resource for ESL students and special education.

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  1. Thank you! I can see how you got "hooked". I'm always searching for new sites that support ESL students and I think this will be on the top of my list. Anytime pictures, oral pronunciations, and definitions with context are combined to make learning fun it's worth a little time and money.
    There's a couple of things I would change as well. First I would make sure that every picture had the oral pronunciation, not just the more difficult ones. And secondly, I would like to see them read the definitions and sentences. That would provide just a little more oral support for ELLS.


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