Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who is Cheating on Tests?

A quick review of articles on the internet show 40% to 95% of students admit to cheating at some point in their academic career. Then there is the huge standardized test cheating scandal in Atlanta where teachers were caught bumping up student's test scores (there are other similar stories as well). I then made a quick search on YouTube and found the following:
YouTube search results:  How to cheat in school - 7,640 results
                                     How to cheat on a test - 31,000 results

I then asked myself, "Am I the only one that didn't cheat in school?" Should I pull out my old high school yearbook and contemplate which 4 out of 10 friends were cheating their way through high school and college? Or should I just send them a direct message on Facebook or conduct an anonymous online poll to gather a more truthful response? Do students get a "high" on cheating or are they just lazy? I really like the student responses on some of these articles where they state that they cheat because "Everyone else is doing it"? Isn't that what all the stereotypical drug dealers tell the kids in the movies? "Take some drugs kid, everyone else is. It's the cool thing to do."

Before I completely get on my "ethics" soapbox, take a look at the video below of a professor's response to his class following a major cheating incident at the University of Central Florida (In 2010, 200 out of 600 students obtained access to his 700 test question item bank and used the information to take their midterm exam):
The CareerTech Testing Center recommends that all testing liaisons and instructors compare results and look at trends in test performance. We also look at results and analyze statistical trends and abnormalities, but it often takes a combined effort to detect cheating.

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