Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Reinventing Education...The Khan Academy and Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Class

You've probably already heard plenty about the Khan Academy, which has contributed to the online education of millions, as well as the free online courses being run by faculty at Stanford University, Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun. An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence attracted some 160,000 inquiries, of which 25,000 or more have made it through to its conclusion. If you are not familiar with these projects, you can see Khan, Norvig and Thrun discussing the implications of their work in Reinventing Education - a thought-provoking forty-five minute YouTube video.

I think they demonstrate the incredible progress that has been made toward massively scalable education. I am a believer that you can teach math and science to millions at practically no cost using videos and quizzes (and a hybrid approach would be my preferred avenue), but can we make similar gains in the teaching of other skills? Could a hybrid approach also work in some CTE courses?

Watch Reinventing Education below:

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