Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Is it Time for #CTEchat?

Is it time for a #CTEchat on Twitter?

Would educators, administrators, and other stakeholders in career and technical education find value in a weekly #CTEchat on CTE issues? 

If you aren't familiar with what I am suggesting, Twitter chats are a great way to stay connected with people with similar interests. These are people that you follow or are followed by on Twitter and they become the foundation of your personal learning network (PLN).

There are numerous education chats that you can join to find out about new methods for teaching, tech resources, and even jobs for teachers. Most chats are held on a weekly basis and they provide an opportunity to converse and shared with like-minded educators. I frequently follow the #edchat discussion as well as #lrnchat. Another great issue with Twitter chats is that you can always go back and review the transcript of a chat if you miss the regularly scheduled time (Twitter keeps the discussion there just like an archive)

Check out the following collection created on the Online Colleges Blog to find a list of Twitter chats that are great for all kinds of educators (just not any for CTE education):

20 Terrific Twitter Chats for Every Kind of Educator

I also hope that you will follow us on Twitter: @CareerTechTest

1 comment:

  1. Yes, I think it is time. I would try to join in on #CTEchats when possible. I think they would be interesting to listen to even tho I wouldn't have much to contribute.
    I find #ELLchat to be a good one to join as well, just thought I'd put a plug in for ESL.


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